I Made That!


Well, hello there! How are you? Me, I am just fine. Why? I finished a sweater!


Allow me to introduce you to Miette. This is the 5th sweater I’ve ever made (and my second cardigan), and I’m really, really happy with it. There is, as far as I know, only one big mistake: I forgot to make a button hole on the collar band. This isn’t such a big deal to me–I almost never do up the top button of any shirt or sweater–so I’m choosing to bask in the glory of having created a near-perfect cardigan. This pattern is, in a word, great. The instructions are very clear, written line by line, and are extremely easy to follow if you use a row counter. I did modify the original pattern by making mine longer in the body and the sleeves, though. Also, see those buttons? Yeah, those buttons are awesome.

If there’s a downside to my newest wardrobe addition, it’s that I won’t get to wear it for all that long. I know it seems like winter is never ending, but I have to believe that warm weather is coming soon, right? (right!?) So, with spring in mind, I’ve started knitting this pattern:

Vertex back

I love a bulky sweater as much as the next cold blooded person, but I can’t wait to wear this one. It’s knitting up quickly and I can tell already that it’s going to be lightweight and perfect for cool evenings and warm afternoons.

And, now, to get you up to speed on all that baby knitting I told you about a month ago. First up is the Baby Bunting cardigan:

baby bunting cardigan

I’m not really happy with the way this sweater is photographing, because, I can assure you, it looks much cuter in person than it has in any of the pictures I’ve taken. I’m holding out for some red buttons, and then it’ll be done. And, look, it’s got pockets! Pockets! What do babies need pockets for? For cuteness, that’s what.

Also cute are the hat and socks I’ve made to match:

Poppy 2

(Short rows! Oh yeah!)

baby sock 2

(Little socks!)

And, of course, there’s the blanket:

Garter stitch baby blanket finished

In addition to baby stuff, I’ve also finished a badass hat for Keith’s Dad:

Bullet proof hat

And, with that, I’m done for today. Have a great Sunday evening, everyone! I’ll be back with more words and pictures later this week.


6 thoughts on “I Made That!

    • Thanks, pal! It takes lots of practice and a willingness (however begrudging) to fix mistakes. Believe me, I make a ton of mistakes, but I’m getting better at learning how to fix them.

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