Winning Hearts and Minds

ImageBy now, most of my coworkers are aware that I’m an avid knitter. I’m fairly certain that my being a knitter has also led them to imagine me at home alone in a junk shop-style apartment (which isn’t too far from the truth, given how little space Keith and I have to share) knitting brightly coloured tea cozies while surrounded by cats and imaginary friends. One of the interns in my office even described me as the nerdiest person he’s ever met (in a fond way, I think/hope), largely because of the fact I that I tend to always carry a small knitting project with me. This is all to say that convincing my coworkers that knitting is awesome and not just the domain of little old ladies and loners has been something of a hard sell. People have such limited experience with hand knits these days that it’s no wonder they have trouble imagining that knitting can be anything other than tea cozies and eccentricity. I think I may have changed a few minds with my latest finished project, though.

What you see me wearing above is my Still Light Tunic, finished for the Summer Sweater Knit Along with 11 days to spare! I am so pleased with this sweater/dress for so many reasons. Despite the fact that this is largely knit in stockinette, there are many little details that make this garment really special.  My favorite detail is the keyhole at the back, closed off with a cute little button that I found on etsy.

ImageOf the more obvious design elements of this sweater, I’d like to draw your attention to the functional and stylish front pockets. These pockets are both sturdy enough to hold small items without being in danger of losing anything and deep enough to warm your hands when it’s cold outside. And, seriously, this puppy is warm. I used KnitPicks Stroll Sock Yarn in the Jackrabbit Heather colourway and, so far, it’s holding up nicely. I’ve worn this tunic three times already and have yet to see any sagging or pilling. Plus, the price can’t be beat. I used six and a half balls of yarn to get a bust circumference of 35.5 inches, which comes to a grand total of $32.83. When was the last time you saw a merino wool sweater dress for that price in any store?

Finally, check out the fit! Isn’t it great? I’ve had some fitting problems in the past (remember Miette? Too big now… sob!), so it feels like an incredible coup to have made a garment that fits me so well. With one inch of negative ease around the bust, this sweater is figure hugging around the upper body and comfortably loose without being flow-y around the bottom. I only made slight modifications to the fit by lengthening the body by two inches (can you imagine this being any shorter than it is right now? My coworkers would be scandalized!) and shortening the sleeves by one inch. Otherwise, I followed the pattern to the letter.

So, there you have it: my first sweater of the fall. It was totally worth the discomfort of knitting it in the summer and I will definitely make another one of these in the future. Plus, I think I may have won over some of my coworkers with this sweater. With any luck, this will mean that they’ll start to think of me as a style-savvy yarn maven and not as a crazy cat lady.

Fellow knitters: How are your SSKAL projects coming along? Are you going to make it before the deadline?


One thought on “Winning Hearts and Minds

  1. Hello Everyone, I can attest to how beautiful this tunic is…I met Sheena for tea at a great little place called Noir:))) Since I have taken over Sheena’s Monday spin class at RPM, I have missed her tremedously. Her class is one of my favourites because of her intelligent approach to teaching spin, awesome music, and challenging profiles. Just in case you are interested in attending her Sunday spin classes…So, after the initial hellos and hugs, Sheena took off her coat (it was cold that day) I could not help but notice the tunic she was wearing, but more importantly, how well it turned out! I used to knit so I have some idea of gauge, finishing, etc…Her knitting is beyond comparison to anything I have bought that was knit…such even gauge, no indication of where whe started and left off, the seams were so well joined…a real piece of art. I really could not help admiring her workmanship.

    Well, I am very happy to say that I now own a pair of Sheena socks. They are absolutely beautiful!!!! Not only are they knit in my favourite colours, but the pattern is so pretty, they feel so soft and comfortable. I have worn them all afternoon and will have to take them off later to go out:( I have decided that these will be my reading socks.

    Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I am very fortunate to know Sheena and even more so to own a piece of her work.

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