Peak Knitting Experience


A little while back, Karen, of Fringe Association, wrote about her peak knitting experience. At the time, I didn’t really feel that I had reached any sort of peak with my own knitting. I’ve definitely had a prolific knitting year and I’ve learned how to do a lot of new things, but the honest truth is that very little of it felt like a peak to me. Now that I’ve finally finished my Burrard, though, I can safely say that I’ve achieved my own knitting apex, and just in time for the second coming of the polar vortex!

ImageNeedless to say, I am very, very pleased with how this turned out. Those cables are just gorgeous and the shaping is perfect. Part of the reason it fits so well is because I knit the back piece as a size 37.75 and the front pieces as size 40 to accommodate my large bust. Never have I owned a garment that fits my body as well as this cardigan does.

ImageI learned so much from the making of this sweater: how to read cable charts, how to make different kinds of buttonholes, how to shape a garment and how to construct a garment in pieces. In fact, the construction was one of my favorite parts. Lots of knitters complain about seaming, but I found the process very logical and really enjoyable. Yes, it’s more work than knitting in the round, but I liked learning how to put a garment together from its component parts. Call me crazy, but seaming was definitely not the chore I thought it would be.

ImageThough I’m really happy with how this turned out, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I discovered too late that the yarn I used (Lion Brand Pure Wool) was probably one of the worst choices for a seamed sweater because of the way it shredded when I started the actual seaming. I had to make an emergency trip to the yarn store for some stronger plied yarn and ended up finishing the seams with some Cascade 220 Sport in a creamy off-white. It wasn’t a perfect colour match, but it certainly did the trick.

ImageNow, let’s talk buttons. I don’t know about you, but I think these buttons really make the sweater. Because I was going for the traditional grandpa style, I knew that I wanted some classic buttons to round out the look. At first I thought I would go with some brown leather buttons, but in the end I decided that a classic tortoiseshell was what I needed. I think I made the right choice. 

Overall, this sweater is a winner: stylish, comfortable and warm, my Burrard is definitely my peak knitting experience and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 


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