Long Overdue

Readers, I owe you an apology. In my last few posts I’ve complained about being in a creative slump, but I suppose I should finally admit that I wasn’t being entirely truthful. I can think of a few reasons I felt that I was in a slump: winter was particularly long and hard this year; I feel like I’m making the best creative progress when I’m working on large projects, like sweaters; I need new clothes and I’m too cheap to buy them, so I’m feeling panicky about having failed so spectacularly at sweater making recently. But it hasn’t been nearly as dire as I made it seem. I realized yesterday that I’ve knit seven pairs of socks since the beginning of the year (Wanna see? Check out my ravelry page. Also, it’s perhaps a good sign that I feel comfortable enough sharing my ravelry page?). I also started and finished the adorable cardigan pictured above, which was no small feat.

I made this for my pal LeeAnne…. well, more accurately, for LeeAnne’s new baby boy. LeeAnne and I work together and, despite never having met in person (we work in different offices), she’s definitely one of my favorite people in the company. When I learned that she was pregnant, I saw the perfect opportunity to make the Pomander Baby Cardigan, a pattern I’d been hoarding for months.

Let me just get one thing out there: I am extremely pleased with how this turned out. The cable and seed stitch yoke is beautiful and interesting, and I learned a number of new techniques in the making of this: how to read a flat chart with a pattern on the wrong side, how to make a round yoke cardigan, how to do an icord cast off. These are all useful skills and I am a better knitter for knowing them. But readers, make no mistake, this little cardigan took me ages to finish, and the process wasn’t always very fun. This sweater is knit from the bottom up, which isn’t so unusual, but instead of knitting the sleeves separately and attaching them at the yoke, the pattern has you provisionally casting on sleeve stitches that are later picked up and knitted like you might do with a basic top-down raglan sweater. If you happen to be asking yourself right now, “if it’s like a top-down raglan, then what the hell is she complaining about?”, I humbly submit that unpicking a provisional cast on is a special kind of knitting hell for me. By the time I finished unpicking the provisional cast on and making the sleeves, I definitely wasn’t in a hurry to attach the buttons. And so it languished on my dining room table far longer than it should have.

In any case, that’s all in the past. As you can see, the buttons have been secured and the result is a mighty fine looking baby sweater. I’ve even managed to get it in the mail and off to its intended recipient, which Canada Post tells me has been delivered, so I no longer risk spoiling the surprise with my blog post.


Pattern: Pomander Baby Cardigan by Sarah Pope

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Pearlescent (yes, I’ve been using an awful lot of Knit Picks lately… I’m being a good girl and knitting my way through stashed yarn)

Modifications: none

Fellow knitters: what knitting experiences have both helped you grow and tried your patience at the same time?


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