Something Green


I’m going through what you might call a Green Phase right now, where every single project I’m working on (well, the ones I’m interested in working on) are some shade of green. I don’t know why, but I seem to gravitate towards colours in blocks like that… a few months ago, I was all over blue projects, and prior to that I was obsessed with reds. At some point, I notice that everything is all the same colour, so I switch to the next colour obsession until I get sick of it, and repeat.

In the last week, I’ve completed two green projects and I have two more on the go. My Xanti, if all goes to plan, will be finished today, which is exciting even despite the fact that the days of bundling up are over until the fall (not that I’m complaining!). The most exciting news, though, is that I’ve actually finished a sewing project! I’m going to try to snap some good pictures this weekend, because, though there are a ton of mistakes, I’m feeling pretty good about having finished something that is actually wearable. And, boy, is it wearable. I’m going to wear the hell out if it, I tell you!

So, that’s my brief update for now. More finished project posts soon!


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