2014 In Review

Hello hello! Back again! How have you been? I have been very well, indeed. After several months of regular blogging, which I actually enjoyed quite a lot, I just suddenly didn’t feel like it anymore. Nothing is wrong, per se; it’s only that I’ve started to find I enjoy my time away from the internet so much that I wanted to keep away from it for as long as was feasible. And, let me tell you, not being constantly aware of the horrible shit that happens in the world on an hourly basis has done wonders for my wellbeing over the last few weeks.

I certainly don’t think of this space as a repository for the horrible shit in the world, though. On the contrary! I love this space! Sure, I neglect it now and then, but I know it’s here for me when I’m feeling like showing you my wares. And, because it’s the year’s end, it seems appropriate to reflect on the good and to think about the future. Or something.

But, first, a few updates, because I know I left you hanging:

1. I did not finish my NaKniSweMo sweater on time. I know!!!! How disappointing. And the worst part is that I’m still actually not finished this sweater, which, if you recall, was meant to be a birthday gift for my beloved. Here’s where it currently stands:

As you can see, the conspicuous absence of a second sleeve puts this garment firmly in the close-but-no-cigar category. And since I’ve let not one, but three potential deadline dates pass (those are: birthday, the end of November and Christmas) without finishing the sweater, I can and should take some extra time to lengthen the torso so that Keith is likely to wear it without feeling uncomfortable. As for why it’s not finished yet, well, I’m going to blame the yarn. It’s a beautiful and sturdy yarn and I know it will make a long lasting (and hopefully well-loved) sweater, but the high cotton content makes it so, so hard on my wrists. I can actually (okay, maybe more like figuratively) feel my wrists ache whenever I even think about the fact that I still have a whole sleeve to finish, and then I have to lengthen the body. But, oh well. It will be finished, eventually.

2. I am not a complete failure at finishing things, though, because I did, in fact, finish making Coda. And I’m surprisingly taken with it.

I know, what an odd thing to say, right? Well, you may recall my nervousness about making a new garment with yarn harvested from a failed garment and, initially, my fears were totally and completely founded. The finished sweater grew in blocking to such an extent that it became, like it’s predecessor, unwearable. I could sort of get the front of the sweater to sit flat, but the back was all saggy and the whole thing was much too long to be presentable on my short-waisted body. In a brain wave borne of desperation, I decided to machine wash and dry the sweater. By this time I was more than ready to lose this yarn and sweater to the fickle gods of fabric care but, lo and behold, it shrunk back to the correct proportions and was once more wearable. Hooray! I still think the fit (on me) could be better, but I’m mainly thrilled that I can wear it at all.

So, that sums up the last few months. As for the last year, it was a good one! Some highlights include a life changing trip to Lisbon, making friends with my sewing machine, knitting my first ever Fair Isle sweater, and, though previously unmentioned here, falling back in love with recreational reading. I read 25 books this year (yes, I counted. I am like that sometimes), and I owe it all to my lil sister, Zoë, who kickstarted the whole think by giving me a new book last Christmas. For a while, I believed that I had destroyed my ability to enjoy reading through a combination of TV, the internet and nearly a decade of graduate school, so I feel almost inarticulably grateful to have rediscovered the pleasure of getting lost in a great book. (And, okay, the occasional mediocre, fluff book. I’m only human.)

Okay, down to brass tacks. Here’s what I made this year:

19 pairs of socks, including these three new pairs (top pair for me, middle pair for Keith and the last pair for my ’90s baby sister, Zoë):

7 hats and 6 pairs of mittens, mostly destined for friends and family:

A metric buttload of baby sweaters (actual count: 5):

A bunch more adult-sized sweaters (actual count: 10):

And some assorted miscellany:

Grand total: 50 knitting projects and two sewing projects. Not bad!

2014 was a good year and I accomplished many loosely-set maker goals, from knitting enough sweaters to clothe me throughout the work week to building skill in order to replace irrational fears (I’m looking at you, Fair Isle sweater and sewing machine). Now, I’m not one to harp on about the need for constant, vigilant self-improvement–though a worthy goal, I also think it’s okay, even important, to be content with what you have–but I would like to go on record with a few more goals for 2015. In the main, I hope to accomplish two big things:

1) I want to make more of my clothing. No duh, Sheena, you may be thinking to yourselves now. But it’s not such a no duh thing. At present, I am an extremely proficient knitter and kind of a novice sewist, and this imbalance is starting to be apparent in my wardrobe (unfortunately, there is such a thing as wearing too many hand knits, much to my chagrin). So, I’m setting a loose goal to replace some of my ready-to-wear sewn items with handmade items. Maybe I’ll become extra-ambitious and teach myself how to make the perfect pair of pants, but I would be equally thrilled just to have a good collection of basic, tailored skirts and tops in my wardrobe. I’m far more comfortable wearing skirts than I am wearing pants (of the non-stretchy variety, that is), and now that I have two handmade skirts under my belt, I can only improve with time and practice. I’ve also invested in a serger and the idea of replacing some of my old, worn t-shirts with new ones made to fit my body has me practically giddy with excitement. Anyway, 1 outfit per month seems an attainable, if ambitious, goal. If I can make that, great! If not, that’s okay, too.

2) I want to make more from my stash. Thankfully, my fabric stash is limited, but my yarn stash is out of control. I have so much beautiful yarn to make sweaters with! I hope to have the willpower to not add much more to my stash over the next 12 months until I have a big clear out of what’s already there.

So, that was my year of making it my way in 2014. Thanks for giving audience to my ideas and my maker stuff! Here’s to more of the same in 2015.